Back on the run

Back on the run
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Sunday. The place has filled up, to the extent that heading for lunch at 2 meant I had to share a table, but that’s just a good excuse to be sociable. Rejean, Julia and Chris are a good group, and there’s more laughter amongst us as we relax. Rejean, in particular, has a wicked sense of humour that he’s a little careful with in case he causes offence. I, meanwhile, am listening to the training talk and feeling out of place but taking in what lessons I can. More of that in a later blog entry.

Today, though, I was back to running, as well as putting in a session on the exercise bike. Or boring bike, if you like. I took a little tour down to Satellite field, and there is (if this thing actually uploads it, not sure all the photos are in place, and sorry about the double entries. I’ll probably not sort those out until I’m in front of a computer) a picture taken through the fence of the actual satellite array. Plus a self portrait. I had a big fat lunch so was a bit full, but still considered running around 4.30, until I heard the thunder. Storms seem to be an afternoon fixture for now, but they come and go fairly quickly. Today’s never even arrived at Yaya, though one photo should just about show the rainbow off in the distance. Running was hard work, as ever, but a bit quicker today, averaging just under 8m/m, which is a first for an ‘ordinary’ run out here, though that was helped by two days off from running itself. I have tried to work reasonably ******* the bike, but it’s hard to get the heart rate up. So long as it makes me stronger.

Summary: Sat, 20mins bike, 45 mins bike, Sunday 45 mins bike, 42:03, 8.49km.

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