Under an African cloud

Under an African cloud
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

A cloudy day, with an early storm and a rest from exercise. I still had a sunny breakfast, and a conversation about running, so duty done. Chris and I managed to have a conversation without any generation gaps. We have had plenty. Talking about what was on the kindle a Philip J. Dick novel: the inspiration for several films, including Bladerunner. Chris only knows the word in conjunction with Pistorius. An advert for a film comes on, we’re both watching – oh yes, it’s Total Recall. Chris has never seen it, but then I’m not quite sure he was born then, being only 24. Talking about maths education last night I had (I’m not sure why) to admit that although I took maths GCSE, it was the very first year possible. But if this is my midlife crisis, then getting used to comparing university experiences when one person is thinking of last month and I’m going back 20 years is quite therapeutic.

Phrase of the day: “ice-devouring sex tornado”.

Empty room at Yaya village
Empty room at Yaya village.

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