Miss Polly

Miss Polly
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Had a dolly, so I’ve heard. And that was one sick dolly, list of transgressions as long as your arm. For my part, I just had some conventional sickness, which was unpleasant and made for a morning in bed rather than at the track. That’s he second time since I’ve been here, though this time was without the stomach cramps I had around the same time as Rejean was ill. Maybe I’ll get out for a run later, though I don’t feel very athletic. The bonus of being at a training camp, though, is that one slim person in shorts walking to lunch looks much like another, so possibly in the eyes of the large group of visitors here for lunch my disguise is still in place.

Yesterday was also a lazy day, after a long run, and I got out for one short run in the morning and left it at that. The Danes are good company, telling me all about their team mates and relations with the media-tricky in a country without widespread athletic success, and where their best medal hope is a long jumper with a propensity to foul. And then foul again.

Quote: “when two opposite points of view are expressed with equal force, the truth does not necessarily lie midway between them”. The God Delusion.

Summary: 22:07, 4.08k. 30m bike. Time in smallest room: 1hr Books: Without Fail, Child, I Am The Messenger, Zusak.

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