Under a week

Under a week to go. And in a running sense, at least, I’m resting, which is not really the idea. Knee hurts, that’s that, and in any case my stomach is a little uncertain of itself which makes me not want to head too far from camp without a plan for emergency stops. Not the big week I was hoping for. I felt that with one more solid week behind me, the marathon would be a realistic prospect, without that week I’m not sure. Whether that’s just a mental thing, or a pragmatic approach because I’ve already missed a couple of long runs I can’t tell, but this definitely feels more like the build up to Paris five or so years ago than to London last year.

Paris did not go well five or so years ago.

Backup plan is to have a bash at Kingston parkrun on the 13th then see how I feel after that. At least if he slight feeling of nausea has gone by then that would be a big improvement.

Quote: “is anything fundamentally unknowable?” “No.” Brian Cox

Summary: 70m bike, 30m bike.

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