Missing out

Missing out
West Shewa, Ethiopia

West Shewa, Ethiopia

Just one more long run. That’s all I’m after. Im not completely confident it’ll happen. Woke up this morning and still had a lingering taste of food in my mouth, which is a bad sign-usually the precursor to a sick day. Today was nothing too serious, it just suggests this stomach bug isn’t quite going to let me go. And when I got up in the night the knee was still playing up, though the back is getting better, with some pain moving round to the front. Which is where it has been most of the year.

So different to last year, when I felt bulletproof and could pretty much train as I wanted, long and short runs were all fine, even enjoyable. At the mo I don’t want to start running for fear of what will hurt first. At breakfast I found everyone else had been on the hill, which is probably a session I could handle, too-at least in that you can’t exactly be lapped on a hill. Abdi was telling tales of how to find good food, though his best story was of joining a queue for a full restaurant and only halfway along finding out that everyone was there for baklava. And it wasn’t all that good when it came. An imperfect method.

Summary: bike 30mins, grumbles 4. Book: Xenocide, Scott-Card.

The lorry moves occasionally
The lorry moves occasionally.

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