Humphrey’s at Rathmore

Humphrey’s at Rathmore
Larne, United Kingdom

Larne, United Kingdom

The hostel is a large house, previously a camp for the Boys Brigade. The house is big but also has four outbuildings which each have small bedrooms and a living room. Those are not going to be converted, as the rateable value is based on bed space, and with those buildings holding 30 beds, that would mean an extra £7k on the annual rates. Quite apart from the fact that they need some renovation. The outbuildings are to be sold, leaving the main building and the gym. A gym! There’s no firm plan for that at the moment, but it’s a great open space. Currently it has a small weights section, pool and ping pong tables and a pile of works in progress-if you brought a group, it’d be a great place to hangout.

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