Back to Belfast

Back to Belfast
Belfast, United Kingdom

Belfast, United Kingdom

A simple day. I ran, a long one, over to Portstewart Strand, along the beach, back and up to Portrush and up to the farm. Packed up, paid for my camping – turns out the owner of Maddybenny farm is an ex show jumper, possibly for Ireland, which makes no difference to our transaction but is cool anyway – and headed back to Belfast.

I had to drop in at Ballyeamon barn because I’d taken a key with me; a job that could have been a pain but it was like dropping in on old friends. I’m back at the hostel in Belfast where I started, feeling comfortable at going back to the same place, but tomorrow I am heading for Derry, then Donegal. This evening I’m catching up with Andy. Andy from Epsom-daft that it has taken us both being in Belfast for us to catch up, but cool too, and a chance for a native, his other half, to show me where to eat. Northern Ireland is generally the place to be for now, the hottest place in the UK. I don’t know how often anyone can say that.

The run: 52336.

Tonight’s guest nationalities: Turkish, American Summary: ran 12, drove 60, the latter much easier in the heat.

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