Lazy, with signs of meatballs. No, rain

Lazy, with signs of meatballs. No, rain
Ennis, Ireland

Ennis, Ireland

After a week covering distance and staying mostly one night in each place, I had done enough sightseeing for a while. Having wandered round Ennis last night and then run round it in the morning I had got to grips with the town – it’s very pretty, and the churches in particular looked magnificent against the deep blue sky at 10pm. All I had to do today was move the car, and the run had shown how charges vary. €1.30 per hour in the centre, 500m away near the park, the same price for 4 hours. I moved the car there before the run, and that set me up for a lazy morning. In the afternoon I headed for the coast, dozed in the sleepy village of Knock while it rained, and headed back to the hostel for the evening.

Lazy. Sadly there was another snorer in the room and the hostel, while full of people, is strangely quiet. Just a little too big to encourage people to meet one another, I guess, and no staff going “tonight I will mostly be going to the pub, if you want to come”, which worked so well in Derry. No great problem but for a sleepy hostel I didn’t get quite enough sleep.

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