Up the coast

Up the coast
Nefyn, United Kingdom

Nefyn, United Kingdom

My hosts headed off to Bangor for a train to London, and ultimately the Isle of Wight, but I was left in Nefyn. The painters were in, doing the place up, so I could stick around without having to lock up after myself, so I went for a run-slow, visiting both ends of the Nefyn and Morfa Nefyn beaches-and then cycled 20 minutes just because. Returning there was a minor panic-my hostel for Friday had to cancel me, had got my out of office and phoned work to make sure I got the message. Cue phone messages from work and hostel, but it just meant I would stick around to internettally book a hostel near a different parkrun.

After 12 I left, heading to Penrhyn castle. If I hadn’t joined the Trust in NI I wouldn’t be going to these places, but it’s a great boon.

Penryhn castle
Penryhn castle.

Finishing the walk, I raised my hand and baahed in reply to a sheep. I got no reply, but a cow mooed from further into the field, so I raised my hand and slipped into cow. I’m even less fluent in cow than sheep so wasn’t wholly surprised to again get no reply, but then it occurred to me that raising a hand is a bit like a bird tweeting a hello and then flying off-it’s just accentuating the difference, isn’t it?


Hoose. Smaller on the inside than it looks
Hoose. Smaller on the inside than it looks.
Ty Coch pub, many beer mugs hanging from the ceiling
The pub, with bonus cousin.

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