South coast

South coast
Bognor Regis, United Kingdom

Bognor Regis, United Kingdom

It’s so warm in the UK that it’s essentially a pleasure to be anywhere, but I decided the seaside would be best. With a friend in Hastings it made sense to revisit Bexhill for lunch. It was hot, very hot, offset by the wind on the beach-trying to set up a tent on a pebbly beach was entertaining. But we got there, ate, paddled, played. I even managed to be relaxed about going over time on the car park-having made a pig’s ear of reverse parking for free I punished myself by paying. Perhaps they’re slack at checking, seeing as there’s free parking for two hours almost everywhere, and just as well, as I overran.

From Bexhill I headed along the coast, stopping at Seaford because it has a nice quiet beach, easy access with lots of free parking (no reversing here) and so on. I parked behind a bench. Nice bench. It was enough to block my vision and confuse me when I appeared from the pebbly dip, and I was temporarily convinced someone had nicked the car. The most unlikely theft in history, it would have been-even if someone had managed it they’d probably take one listen to the engine and put it back where they found it. And then be surprised it made it.

I camped in Bognor Regis; seemed a camp sort of a place. There was no sign of anyone at the first place I stopped, and the barrier was done. Arriving after 8 makes camping more difficult, it seems, than it might be, but at least the second site had a late arrivals camping area. Given that a member of staff still appeared to give me a key to the shower block and, after negotiation, take some money from me (the prospect of my leaving early in the morning to go and run elsewhere impressed him but also forced him to solve the conundrum of ‘office locked, need security deposit, pay when office open at 9, oh you leave before then’) the place obviously isn’t completely locked up, but I suppose they avoid having people drive onto the campsite after 8 and upsetting the peace and quiet. It being late, I forwent that day’s run in favour of a walk to the supermarket for self assembly dinner and booze. Mmm, booze.


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