Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark

The train was running late. Two hours, in fact, but since it was due originally at 10.23 and I had no connection that posed no problem, just allowed extra time for lounging and waking up. Once morning comes the stops come more regularly, dropping people off in Denmark. Just outside Roskilde sits an old tank engine. It looks like it should be in a museum but instead is just sat there.

Finally we arrived. Just after midday and Copenhagen was hot-with luck I’ve seen the best of the weather in Britain and got to the continent in time to see it here, too. I downloaded maps for a few countries to my phone just before I left-another panic job-so once the GPS got a signal I saw the hostel was 2k away. A walk.

Sleep in heaven has a sheep as its logo, allowing you to question whether there has been some mistranslation. It’s very close to the city cemetery, and prominent signs took me to Hans Christian Andersen’s grave. The graves are mostly pretty and quite ornate, surrounded often by their own little hedging but other than that there’s not so much to see. Great park to lie in, though.

Gravestone squashed in between bushes
Hans Christian Andersen’s grave.

Later, I took a walk to Faelled park, which has the nearest of Copenhagen’s three parkruns. The website appears to be defunct, some registration snafu from the looks of it, but I think it’s too well ingrained to not be happening. I have a 100tee and new ERS parkrun barcode to be showing off! The park is a pretty one in two halves, with Copenhagen FC’s ground on one side. What looks like their training ground was hosting an athletic school, and lean teenagers were taking a turn round the more ‘sporty’ looking of the two park-halves before heading back to practice. Some pole vault practice was all I could see-it reminded me of Ennis (Ireland, not -Hill) where I’d driven to join in with a session only to find it was junior practice night. Junior field event practice night.

One side of FC Copenhagen's ground from outside
FC Copenhagen.

I finally got out for a run before 7. That cunningly or foolishly would keep me out till happy hour finished at 8, but I figured I’d take advantage tomorrow. I ran laps round the two halves of the park, drawn into racing one dude who sped up when he heard my footsteps. As a result of that and a few other bits of acceleration I managed 8mph for the hour, first time I’ve done that outside a race for, well, possibly ever. Not quite tempo, not recovery, yep, those are probably junk miles, though that 6:32 whilst racing squat dude might help in some way.

Other than that, a lazy day, in the cemetery park and Faelled park, lounging with a book. Dinner in a pizzeria, beer in the hostel, parkrun and then more lounging tomorrow.

Summary: reading Iggulden’s Emperor: The Gods of War, run 1:07:15, 14.32km

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