On the beach

On the beach
Busan, South Korea

Busan, South Korea

Green walkway, coaches parked in the road to the side. City skyscrapers and a mountain poking up behind
Welcome to Busan.

Up, shower, walk. Ferry port. Ferry. Pulls away, up onto hydrofoils and after less than three hours of smooth gliding; Korea. Out. Walk. Subway. Push, jostle-all counties full of barbarians to Japanese eyes. I see why.

Haeundae beach resort, tumbled together mass of tall and small buildings, restaurants, pubs – I want to say bar overseas, but they adopt the word pub themselves, it seems.

Wow! Hostel. That’s its name, rather than description, but it seems cool.

Lunch. Convenience. Beach. Ahhh.

Reading: Updike, Rabbit, Run.

Appilike: Korea subway lite. It’s not pretty, it’s not searchable, but it lets you check which way you should be going and how to get places whilst offline. If you’re online there are better options.

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