Friend? Jon friend?

Friend? Jon friend?
Brisbane, Australia

Brisbane, Australia

Sunday. Long run day. With the ‘funny’ weather in Brisbane, I could leave it till later than other hot countries, so didn’t get going till midday. It really was cloudy and cool, but I struggled. House captain Ricky had suggested a route alongside the river, finding the ‘track’ by the river if I could. It was bitty; I don’t think I missed much, it’s just that the riverside areas that have been kept public are relatively few. Still, I was passing riverboat stops regularly and had my card, so could keep going. Eventually, after a long and boring section round an army base and industrial area near the port, I found my way to Colmslie beach reserve. That felt like an achievement, and I explored a little, past some large Australians using the facilities to have barbecues (perfect!) and turned back, catching the riverboat back from Apollo Road. That redeemed a tough run-12 miles and then a boat cruise? Nice. It also seemed a gratifyingly long trip to get back, which reminded me I’d run a fair way.

Central station building, Brisbane
Central station.

In the evening I went to the local cinema I’d spotted on a run to nowhere earlier in the week. Watched Captain Phillips, which seemed a bit overlong but builds its suspense brilliantly, almost unwatchably tense by the end. It was raining by now, none too heavily but still perfect cinema weather. Just opposite was a Thai restaurant, which sorted out some of my lethargy, but I slept badly and it turned out I wasn’t quite right. Bit of a sore throat, and I could have stayed in bed the next morning.

Bridge in Brisbane, lit up in colour-changing lights
Nighttime bridge is pretty.

But I had a friend! Ware Jogger Jon was due to arrive in Brisbane in the morning, en route to Cairns and some surfing and diving. His jet lag and my grogginess merged pretty well. We had a slow wander round the centre of town, which showed how small and compact it was, had lunch and dinner by the river and beer near the station, watching some heavy showers pass by. Both of us slept like champions, emerging like proper human beings into Tuesday’s 30 degrees and sunshine.

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