Curl Curl parkrun

Curl Curl parkrun
Curl Curl, Australia

Curl Curl, Australia

Curl Curl parkrun route
Curl Curl parkrun route.

Back on the East coast, and back to a 7am start time. The week has been cool, highs of low 20s, but it has warmed up for the weekend, just in time for some running. Warm enough that as we left at 6.30, I considered a second top and realised I didn’t need one, and by 7 it was balmy and warm.

The run feels like a nice low key one, though they had 173 runners, itself a record and 40 or so up on the good attendance that had impressed Justin for his first parkrun the week before. I hadn’t looked up where it was, barely knew the course and had little idea what to expect, seeing as Justin was giving me a lift there, but of course it was recognisably parkrun. There is parking very close to the start, about a 5 minute drive from Justin’s house if you’re staying there. I’d recommend it.

The course is a nearly-out-and-back; on the way out it heads from park to road, on the way back it cuts short that section, not hitting the road again. It’s flat and fast, and quick up the front. Losing a bit of fitness and with a cold, I was hoping to keep it comfortably under 20 minutes, and did so in 19:29, but that was only good enough for 19th. The second Aussie parkrun to see me outside the top ten, the first where I couldn’t have broken into that group with a little more effort.

It was warm at 7, getting hot by half past. I had a jog to cool down, but the term definitely didn’t apply to my overall temperature. Those who had finished gathered more or less exclusively in the shade. So hot! I’m going to remind myself of that next January at a UK run somewhere.

We finished the morning with breakfast and a quick coastal tour. Manly-hilly and scenic. Be a great place to train, so long as you’re not of the “not another sodding hill” persuasion.

Results from Curl Curl parkrun, event 36, 11/1/14.

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