Best laid plans

Best laid plans
Auckland, New Zealand

Auckland, New Zealand

An early morning flight. Easy. I packed first, so I could spend the day at the tennis, pop out for a drink or two then get several hours sleep, up at five, walk to the skybus and airport before 6. No problem.

Cones and signs in place for the festival
Big Day Out (tomorrow, but still).

And there was no problem, just that I reverted to teenage years and turned two drinks into, um, I don’t know, 6? And half a bottle of wine? And forwent the sleep in favour of rolling into my room after 4, grabbing my stuff, packing the last bits in the corridor and going from there. I can, though, recommend Silgo bar in Melbourne for an atmospheric after hours drink with a view of parliament. Which I hadn’t seen – last minutes in Melbourne bonus=score.

It worked. The flight was delayed an hour which became an hour and a half before it landed, which gave me time to develop and travel the whole way with a hangover. I still enjoyed the huge Airbus A380, but had to sleep before I could watch one of the films. Going through customs with a hangover is okay, but I wish it hadn’t taken as long. If I’d been more awake I might have talked to the obviously British, obviously a band group of 4 that were next to me in line when the snaking queue aligned the right way. There were members of another band somewhere further along – them I identified not by instruments and wacky hair but the self-conscious and over-loud noise of someone who wanted everyone to know he got paid okay for his last gig.

A mural on a wall; man in a shirt with orange quiff, and a speech bubble
Grumpy graffiti.

Eventually I could get the airbus, which pushed air rather than flying through it, but dropped me handily, half a mile from my hostel in Mount Eden. The temperature is glorious – after Melbourne’s heat, 20c is lovely. The only problem is that walking in it around 6pm, I really wanted to run. At least the desire hasn’t gone, but I’m still resting an injury (parkrun is exempt).

I found trousers in K Mart, talked to German roommates who were convinced the whole of Germany is in Australia and New Zealand – not my experience, though this hostel is half German – and was asleep by 9.30. New country!

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