Waikiki, HI

Waikiki, HI

Beach, Honolulu
A break in the weather for obligatory beach photo.

The calendar on my blog app is confused, trying to date this entry as 3rd March. I left Dunedin two days ago and had an overnight stay in Auckland. Yesterday I took off in the morning, flew through the day and landed 9 hours later, 9.15 in the evening the day before. Today is yesterday again. Exercise was simple. I got up at 6.15 to get a Sunday run in before my flight, did that and looked forward to a Monday off. Landing on Saturday night meant I had to go out and do my Sunday run again. Which was a decent way to get out into the warm air, unhindered by hours of rain.

It’s all perfectly simple. I’m here for three days of rest, managed to explore the city a little, read, run and end the day tired – I guess that’s jet lag, though travelling through the day without, calendar-wise, wasting a day, seems like it ought to mitigate against any lag at all.

Reading: Nicci French, The Safe House.

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