Coquille, OR

Coquille, OR

Pronounced Kokeel, so the motel owner says. Indian, originally, and that was his phonetic spelling, maybe we Brits would come up with different. It was a long road trip to get here, following the coastal highway, 101, and with a hitchhiker in tow.

A wonky picture, taken from the car, of a bridge, under cloudy blue skies
Mighty bridge.

Aaron was ending a month’s hitching trip by trying to get to San Francisco by Wednesday. Unlikely, but then he wasn’t that fussed, just making an effort for a friend’s birthday, while missing it would still allow a bit of family time. He started several years ago with a romantic idea of where hitchhiking would take him – meeting somebody on the road, finding a place just theirs, settling there – but he described himself as having lost that romantic side since, being now into the travelling. All that despite a terrible first set of hitching experiences, stuck in the rain for days, picked up only by drug addicts. But he still does it, and it has only got better. We did some travel envy before our paths diverged on route 46.

Scenic railway
Scenic railway.

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