Reykjavik, Iceland

Reykjavik, Iceland

City lake, Reykjavik
City lake.

One more day in town, and a final shot at the Northern Lights tour. Which wasn’t to come off, so my day was entirely mine. I spent some time walking round the city, statue spotting, then visited the settlement exhibition. Plenty of displays and videos of shadowy figures to colour in the picture of an old longhouse excavated from 871 ad – hence the title of the exhibition, 871+2, which is the margin of error. Small, but perfectly formed.

I booked my bus ride to the airport for the morning and found out the lights tour was cancelled, which decided my next move for me. There’s a little cinema in the old harbour, which shows documentaries on Iceland. Two showings, the first on Skaftafell national park and then the Northern lights, the second on volcanoes and how they formed the island and then a repeat of the northern lights film. Stunning, the whole thing, with maybe the size of the glaciers and colours of the lights my highlights.

An indoor exhibition of archaeological investigation into early settlements
Settlement exhibit.

I found a pub with cheap booze, too, which I couldn’t resist and then shared another pint with Scott, still my only roommate in our big dorm, back at the hotel. Relaxed and fabulous.

Reading: Lee Child, Nothing to Lose.

Low Icelandic houses, with a longboat silhouette on top
Spot the longboat.

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