Escape to solitude

Escape to solitude
Ninh Binh, Vietnam

Ninh Binh, Vietnam

Busy streets. Really they are.
Busy streets. Really they are.

In which I:

run early, run intervals, for a segment CR (course record) attempt and to catch an 8.30 bus.

Find that I am booked on the 6pm bus.

Convince myself I have lost 500k that I had wrapped in a receipt, said receipt now in the bin.

Later find that I had long since taken the money out of the receipt.

Am unable to use my super card in several ATMs, one of them potentially charging me anyway.

Later am able to use it. And then discover the 500k. Feel loaded.

Am picked up by minibus and deposited with other tourists at an office, to wait for the bus. No info is given. First bus comes, for Hue only.

But not.

“Ninh Binh?” I ask. And after some debate, yes, it is.

“You” is out in a three recliner at the back, with a charming Czech and Canadian couple – I think they have been an item for weeks now.

I am unconvinced the bus will stop at Ninh Binh, but despite the full bus picking people up first, it does. And my lift is waiting. He assured me – I think – that after Hanoi, Tam Coc is quiet. And it is. No other bugger here. Perfect. I upgrade from one night to two, drink beer, read by candlelight in the garden – which reminds me of Yaya village, Ethiopia – and then hit the sack. Crikey. A hard bed comes as a shock, but no one will wander in here chatting after midnight, and tomorrow I can run, breakfast, cycle explore and run again.

Peaceful Tam Coc by candlelight
Peaceful Tam Coc by candlelight.
The lake. It is about you joggers, oo go raand.
The lake. It is about you joggers, oo go raand.

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