Hot in Nha Trang

Hot in Nha Trang
tp. Nha Trang, Vietnam

tp. Nha Trang, Vietnam

Up early for a run, leaving bell end noisy messy Israelis behind. Managed an hour, on which the super sweet staff noticed and congratulated me. Bless. Booked an early train to Saigon for tomorrow and splashed out the €34 for a studio-after Hanoi, I want a refuge, and besides, this is the end of my trip. Plus plus, that’s the price for two nights, so only counts as splashing out next to $5 per night in hostels. I’d originally thought I’d take three nights here and just the one in the capital, but Nha Trang is a big resort with lots of Westerners (rather than a hidden gem in which to indulge* myself) – not quite so obvious as Hoi An, but still, not a chill out place exactly, so I might as well see a bit more of Ho Chi Minh’s city.

A temple under a blazing hot sun
Come to me, said Buddha.

Got to the big temple near the station on a walk, stinking hot here-over 30, in a humid way, at the height. And after an early run and subsequent chill out, I was walking at the height. I made a half hearted attempt to find the Severin museum-a little further up than I’d walked, I think – had a nap and hit the rooftop bar in time for free beer. Against a price of under 50p, it’s not the saving so much as the occasion that provides the draw.

A large white Buddha on a plinth
So I did.

I have clean clothes again. Just over a pound for 1.5 kilos of washing. Marvellous.

Lovely staff at Mojzo Dorm. Lovely chat over beer with German, Swiss and Pole. Lovely dinner with chat from waitresses about travel and what book are you reading, must be good, you so focused. Lovely sit on dorm balcony in warmth. Deliciousness.

A huge statue of the resting Buddha
But he was sleeping.

Reading: Captain Blood.

* This is probably the wrong word, given that a half hour wander last night saw me offered marijuana three times and pointlessly chatted to by, I decided, a rent boy with almost no English.

Nha Trang beachfront, with an almost empty beach in the heat
I see one ship.
Nha Trang beach, super hot, but flawless sand and water
Hit the beach. Beach hot-blowy in the afternoon.

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