Sunday in Bago – sights to the East

On Sunday I had a slower day, just walking round the sights the other way, before retiring to the Icon shopping centre to cool down for lunch.

Music on a hand-pushed cart, Bago
Every so often, with the first around 6am, a boombox van like this will roll through town, blaring out some tunes. This one, to everyone’s relief, had non-distorted speakers.
Bago reservoir
The reservoir has a few shaded spots, especially in the morning, and is one of the few places to just sit in the town centre.
Palace gate, plenty of litter
What looks like the main gate to Kambazathadi palace is not well maintained.
Kambazathadi palace, main gates
The actual main gates, a little further East. Entry 10,000 kyats (government run).
Pencil parts, drying in the sun
What looked like parts of pencils, drying in the sun. I am not sure I got that right, but that’s what they looked like.
Shwemawdaw Pagoda
Shwemawdaw Pagoda. This is apparently the go-to sight in Bago. I contented myself with the view from outside.
Shwemawdaw Pagoda
Another view of the Pagoda, giving a better idea of the buzzy scene outside.
Procession through town
What looks like a festival procession, coming through town. This may have been because it was Sunday, but I saw something similar from the train the next day.


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