Bondi to Coogee walk, Sydney

I stayed one more night in Sydney (thanks, Justin, Chantal, Freya, Saxon and Willow!) and took advantage by heading into the city to see the famous beaches I had so far missed, despite being here twice. Last time I concentrated on the city, this time I’ve been in Manly, up to Palm/Whale beach (the former is where Home and Away is filmed; I spent my day at the latter).

There’s a great walk from Bondi-Coogee, or v.v., so I wandered from Bondi Junction down, then along the walk. It was overcast but still warm – still better than the 40+ degrees the other day, when the walk would have been a bit of an achievement. As it was; sweaty, but straightforward.

Bondi, seen from the sculpture park.
Bondi, seen from the sculpture park.
Bondi beach.
Bondi beach.
Walking from Bondi
Walking from Bondi – as are many other people.
Waverley cemetery
Waverley cemetery. The walk would normally take you by the sea here, but a landslip in 2016 is still being repaired.
Coloured rocks.
Coloured rocks.
Coogee beach
Coogee beach.

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