Taupo parkrun

Taupo parkrun route
Taupo parkrun route.

Taupo parkrun is a straightforward out and back, starting and finishing near a convenient car park on the shores of the lake at Two Mile Bay reserve. It undulates and turns gently, but nothing to prevent it being a quick course. More likely to inhibit your run is any wind whipping across the lake, and the fact that the path is narrow in places and has to take runners in both directions.

Neither were any problem today, aided probably by the heavy rain I woke up to around 7, which surely had a few potential runners groaning and going back to bed. The run itself, and even my jog there, were dry, but the rain started again afterwards, keeping post run chat to a minimum.

Taupo parkrun start/finish
Taupo parkrun start/finish.

It’s a gem of a run, though, and the volunteers even managed to stay cheerful as the rain fell.

I was super happy for the rain keeping numbers down, as I bagged a first place – one of the slower ones seen here, as is my wont. The Buller Gorge marathon might have swiped a few runners, too, despite being on the South Island. The course is simple enough to follow on your own, and there was a marshal to turn us around, so I didn’t get the sense, as I had at Fritton Lake, that I had headed off out front and might disappear off onto a course all of my own imagining.

Highly recommended if you can get here. The lake is a lovely spot to visit, of course, albeit better in the sunshine.

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