Taupo to Coromandel Town, NZ

On my way, I stopped in at Huka falls, to take the photos I had missed out on the evening before. It was busy, but not so much as to be annoying.

Huka falls, surrounded by heavy tree cover
Huka falls.

Back at the car park, there’s a track to allow mountain bikers access to a course. A short walk down there is an alternative view point that few people get to:

Huka falls, white water at the bottom
Huka falls.
Roadside lay-by, blue skies and fresh mown grass
Scenic picnic spot.
Car in a shaded spot
Scenic picnic spot came with chooks.
From the road, mountain in the distance.
Mountain in the distance.

The mountain above got nearer and I arrived in Te Aroha. The architecture is fascinating there, and the athletics club is well setup. If you can see the banked bends on the track, you might be interested to know, as I learnt from a man there to set up for the evening session, that the track is on an old cycling track.

The Coromandel Peninsula is famously beautiful and did not disappoint.

Looking out to sea, route 25; rocks the blue water, West coast.
Looking out to sea, route 25, West coast.
Rolling hills, Coromandel peninsula.
Coromandel peninsula.
Coromandel peninsula.
Coromandel peninsula.

I stayed at Tui Lodge, Coromandel town, which is a beautiful place, with grassy gardens and cosy social areas in and outside. I went for a run, first through town and then, through luck alone that meant I decided to keep going after 2.5k, not turning round for a 5k out and back, then stumbling across the Harray track just over 3k in.

Craters of the Moon, Geothermal area, map
Craters of the Moon, Geothermal area, map.

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