Coromandel Peninsula Loop

Route map, loop North from Coromandel Town
Loop North from Coromandel Town.

On Tuesday I headed North from Coromandel Town without a plan. In the end, a fairly natural loop, albeit on unsealed roads, took me from Colville round some of the North of the peninsula. There are walks and other attractions to draw people in up there, though you need a bus or your own car to get there.

I had a day of short hops in the car, stopping where the road allowed to take photos, a paddle or two in the sea and a walk up Tokatea lookout point. The weather was hot and sunny, the skies blue with patchy cloud and the peninsula, stunning.

Amodeo Bay (I think).
Amodeo Bay (I think).
Colville Bay.
Colville Bay.
Colville Bay.
Colville Bay.
My shadow, as I paddle in the water
My shadow
Colville bay, looking inland.
Colville bay, looking inland.
Thought about running here. The trail was a bit rough.
Thought about running here. The trail was a bit rough.
Green grass, an outhouse and a wooden hill rising behind
Thought about running here, too. Didn’t.
Three plants stand up, with red, orange and yellow tops
Tuateawa, impossibly scenic.
A lookout point, with views over the bay below
Tokatea lookout – a 15 minute walk up, well worth it.
Small bushes on either side, as I look down on the bay, with pale blue sea, and hilly areas encircling it
View from the top, Tokatea lookout.
Sign: Beware mine shafts.
Beware mine shafts.
Tokatea lookout.
Tokatea lookout.

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