Whitianga – a round trip

Today was a much less beautiful day, with rain turning to drizzle and the occasional heavy dump of rain, including one just as I pulled into a lookout point; so perfectly timed, it was as if I had brought it with me.

It did clear, though. I paused, most of the way to Whitianga, as the rain poured, unsure whether to bother to make it the rest of the way. I did, decided to run at midday in the rain, only to find that I got a clear, even sunny run before the rain returned. As I headed back, the skies cleared and the afternoon was as fabulous as any other.

Kaipawa trig track viewpoint
Kaipawa trig track viewpoint – there’s some walking from here, but I wasn’t sticking around.
Kaipawa trig track viewpoint. Bench, foliage and hills behind, in the mist
Kaipawa trig track viewpoint.
Promenade, Whitianga front
Whitianga front, where I ran.
Panorama, Whitianga front.
Panorama, Whitianga front.
Grassy area in front of a small pebbled beach
Another scenic lookout, Bluff Road, Kuaotunu.
Green grass.
Green grass.
Trees on an outcrop into the sea
Bluff Road, Rings beach.
A rock with a hole.
Sea Arch.
Small beach, Bluff road.
Small beach, Bluff road.

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