Singapore Botanical gardens

My day started early, meeting ex-colleague and my frequent visit in Singapore, June, to go and see Avengers, Infinity War. On her recommendation we went to Shaw Lido, which has some great screens.

Thanos' Gauntlet on display outside a cinema, in front of a large A for Avengers
Thanos’ Gauntlet, Avengers Infinity war.

Sitting outside after lunch, it took me a while to notice the ornament on display. It had a steady queue of people wandering up to take photos, but I found a moment.

Having walked the few kms to the Lido, I wasn’t too far from the Botanical gardens so, as the clouds cleared to leave a bright, sunny and hot day, I walked up there to have a look round. It’s a large area, with a learning forest, orchid display, marketplace and so on. Lots of people there, but enough space to leave it uncrowded.

Singapore Botanical Gardens entry gate.
Singapore Botanical Gardens entry gate.
Swan Lake
Swan Lake.
Swan Lake, with a sculpture of swans in the middle.
Swan Lake.
Trees in the Botanical gardens.
Botanical gardens.
Wide paths and verdant views.
Wide paths and verdant views.
Tall pink flowers tower over two people
Pink flowers.
Looking up at AA giant tree
Giant tree, pre-dates British involvement in Singapore.
Rainforest walk.
Rainforest walk.
Gardens on a sunny day.
Gardens on a sunny day.
Gingers waterfall, just a couple of metres high.
Gingers waterfall.
Two people stand behind the waterfall, holding a hand out to feel the water tumble.
Step behind the waterfall.
A large lizard on the ground
Nearly stepped on this lizard.
Orchid garden. A riot of red, pink, yellow and white colour
Orchid garden.
Pink orchids
Orchid close up.
High plants that you can walk in between as their leaves meet over the top of you
Botanical gardens walk through.

Heading home, I decided against the 5km+ walk and hopped on the MRT to visit the National Library and read some Marvel. Also recommended.

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