Vancouver to Squamish, BC, Canada

Vancouver is a lovely city, parks everywhere, and even where the suburbs are, flowers and greenery abound. Even so, it can’t compare with the views from the road heading North, which heads out to the coast and has dramatic views of sea and mountains. These few photos show a few highlights, starting with my run round Burnaby lake, New Westminster.

Tarmacced trail through trees
Burnaby lake trail.
Panorama of Burnaby Lake
Burnaby Lake Trail.
Burnaby lake trail.
Burnaby lake trail.
Mountains overlook the West Coast road
West Coast road to Squamish.
Mud flats in the river bank, Squamish
Squamish, underpass.
Squamish marina, overlooked by a mountain
Squamish marina.
Car park overlooked by mountains
Car park overlooked by mountains.
New wooden building under construction
Squamish construction.

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