First sight of Aspen

I started the day in Denver, but had a fairly full day of travel ahead. Bus to Denver, Greyhound (yes, also a bus) to Glenwood Springs, then local bus to Aspen. The first only half an hour, the second more like three hours, after a late departure. The last, a good hour and a half. Not the easiest place to get to on public transport, but doable.

I checked in to my beautiful hostel. It has a bit of everything – free drinks to take, free wine in the early evenings, heated pool for cooler weather (though it is properly hot in summer till 8 or so). But then, it wants to be good, at $78 per night. Plus tax. Aspen is expensive – this is the cheapest around.

I decided it was best to make the most of my couple of nights here so, with regret, left the wine behind and headed out for a walk. It was near 7pm, still warm but with the occasional cool draft to remind us all (along with breathlessness descending any time you head up steps) that we are at altitude. I headed through the town (city in American-speak) and covered a couple of miles out through the John Denver Sanctuary and past Hunter Creek. It is just beautiful here.

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