Walking from Fairhaven to Bellingham, Washington State

Performing Arts, WWU
Performing Arts, Western Washington University
View from WWU, Bellingham
View from WWU, Bellingham.
Flower bed, WWU
Flower bed, WWU.
Alternative library, Bellingham
Alternative library, Bellingham.
Berry, USA
Berry, USA.
Tree with mirror squares attached
Tree with mirror squares attached, Sehome.
Community garden, alternative library, Bellingham
Community garden, alternative library, Bellingham.
Sehome hill arboretum trail
Sehome hill arboretum trail.
Fairhaven runners, shop
Fairhaven runners, shop.

Fairhaven waterfront

Bench! Fairhaven
Bench! Fairhaven.
Dog pub, Fairhaven
Dog pub, Fairhaven.
Fairhaven marine park
Fairhaven marine park.

Fairhaven marine park

Dog pub, Fairhaven
Dog pub, Fairhaven.
Fairhaven mural
Fairhaven mural.
Eclipse bookstore
Eclipse bookstore, a haven of old and new books.
Back of Eclipse books
Back of Eclipse books – a deck.
Sunset over an info block
Sunset over an info block.

Sunset, boulevard parkJazz on the boulevard, Bellingham

Seagulls sit on posts
Seagulls sit on posts, coastal railway in background.
Orange ball in the sky
Orange ball in the sky (camera makes it white).

Orange sun reflection over the sea

Coastal trail, Bellingham
Coastal trail, Bellingham.
A deer emerged from under the boardwalk.
McDonald's light table - touch sensitive
McDonald’s light table – touch sensitive.

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