WA – Nooksack falls, Bagley Lake loop, Artist Point and the Old Growth forest

Thanks to generous hosts, I had use of a car for a couple of days. They have just returned from their own travels – we met in Laos – so didn’t fancy more sightseeing, and I was free to make my own way to the area around Mt Baker. I had a list of highlights to see, though, so got on with it.

First up, the Ranger station. There are a few info boards, though the most useful things are the machine to allow you to pay for a permit ($5 per day) and the chance to get a map. A chance I forwent, while a ranger was occupied explaining how to get to Nooksack falls in great detail to a nervous visitor, but still.

Douglas Fir, Ranger station, Glacier town
Douglas Fir, Ranger station, Glacier town.

Nooksack falls are easy to find, and a short stroll from the car park. The falls are pretty, the colour of the water above them even more so.

Nooksack falls
Nooksack falls.
Green river above Nooksack falls
Green river above Nooksack falls.

I was directed to Artist Point, at the top of the road up, but stopped earlier than that, and walked round parts of the Wild Goose, Bagley Lakes and Chain Lakes trails.

Bagley Lakes loop
Bagley Lakes loop.
Bagley Lakes loop
Bagley Lakes loop.
View out over the valley
View out over the valley.

Smoke and clouds in the air

The smoke, from wildfires in Canada, was clearer, but sun intermittent and clouds in sight.

Me and the rocks
Me and the rocks.
Clouds low on the mountains
Clouds low on the mountains.

It is possible to walk up to Artist Point, but I drove and just walked a few kms around and up. The views, despite the clouds hiding Mt Baker itself (other than sun reflecting off snow in one place), were fabulous.

View South from my highest point
View South from my highest point, Artist Point.
Ski area, Heather Meadows
Ski area, Heather Meadows. Which sounds like a person’s name, and must be, but here is the place name, too.
Picture lake
Picture lake. 500m to stroll round it. Wild blueberries all over.
Old-growth forest
Old-growth forest. Just before (N)/after (S) mile marker 44.

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