Cascade Falls and Barney’s Wall, Pembroke, USA

For our final day in Virginia, we aimed lower, with the prospect of a 6-mile round trip, taking in a waterfall and whatever Barney’s Wall is sounding ideal. In the end, it was a 7-mile walk, and we couldn’t park at Cascade Falls themselves, as all such locations had been officially closed in case of flash flooding from Hurricane Florence. With the hurricane not due in to this area till the day after, though, parking on the road ahead of the (closed) car park wasn’t a great risk, and we wandered into the park.

After I had taken pictures of more bits of Woods Hole hostel, mind; including the goats, of whom we had heard, but previously seen no evidence.

Goats, Woods Hole hostel
Goats, Woods Hole hostel.
View from Woods Hole hostel
View from Woods Hole hostel.
Logbook, Woods Hole hostel
Logbook, Woods Hole hostel.
Logbook cover, Woods Hole hostel
Logbook cover, Woods Hole hostel.

Cascade Falls is only a couple of miles from the car park, and worth the walk, though in places the ascent is pretty steep (on a decent path).

Cascade Falls
Cascade Falls, Pembroke, USA.

From there, head upwards and right, onto the Conservancy trail, and there’s more to explore. Much more, in fact, though we just headed the mile and a half to Barney’s Wall – there is a sign not far from the falls.

Funky red and white mushroom

View from Barney's Wall
View from Barney’s Wall.

Barney’s Wall gives a great view out over a valley. The wall itself is a great rock cliff off to the right. But you’ll have to trust me that it’s there, because I took no photos.

View from Barney's Wall
View from Barney’s Wall – a clear day!

Just look at it. A clear, sunny day. Not noticeably hotter than the previous two, just much better for looking out over the world.

Me, standing on the rock
I did look at the view. Then at the camera.

By evening, we were in Roanoke. The city seems quaint enough. Our taxi driver from a few nights before reckoned they got few tourists, but the place has a huge theatre, plenty of places to eat and drink, and a nice atmosphere about it.

Roanoke, sculpture
Roanoke, sculpture.

Plus we stumbled upon Oriental House, 125 Campbell Avenue SE, which was a total bonus. The owner, Peter, 74, was happy to promise us good food, which had me totally sold. And he delivered on it. If he promises his Pad Thai is really good, just believe him.

Roanoke city centre
Roanoke city centre.

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