Chute à Magnan, off route 350, between Saint-Paulin and Charette

My hosts mentioned there was a waterfall just off the main road, and it did not disappoint. It is only just over a kilometre’s walk from Gite La Voisine, and an easy stop from the road. On one side, where you can park, is what you might initially think is the waterfall, as water tumbles over a man-made fall. I was running back to the B&B from parkrun when I remembered the recommendation, and was very glad I made the stop.

View back toward the bridge
View back toward the bridge.
On one side of the river, the man-made bit
On one side of the river, the man-made bit. This is beautiful, but hardly the highlight.

Follow the sign to the walking circuit, though, under the road bridge to the right, and the vista opens up. It was particularly beautiful in Fall/Autumn, with the trees changing colour by the day. I turned left once under the road bridge, walking through trees to another bridge, which gave a view over the valley. Just beyond the bridge is a rocky outcrop which gives even better views. At that point I figured I had seen all the beauty there was to see, and nearly ran off up the unsealed road to join route 350.

Leaves of many colours
Leaves of many colours.
View from the top
View from the top – turn left once near the waterfall, follow the path over the bridge to get to this spot.
A rocky promontory with a view of the water
A rocky promontory with a view of the water.

But just below the promontory is a building, and the unsealed road clearly leads there. Pondering that, and letting my eyes roam, I noticed another, smaller, bridge at the bottom of the road, and figured I should at least walk down there.

Panorama from the rock
Panorama from the rock.

The views certainly don’t get any worse for being lower down. The walking circuit was a little unmaintained in places, with one section of boardwalk collapsed and presenting a challenge because of the slippery rain-sodden surface. But it is a lovely walk, alternately taking you through wooded areas, opening up to great views and with autumn’s colours all around.

Portrait panorama - red leaves, rock and water
Portrait panorama – red leaves, rock and water.
Waterfall running into a lake
Waterfall running into a lake.
The waterfall and the lake
The waterfall and the lake.
Lake like a lagoon
The waterfall and the lake.Lake like a lagoon
View of lake and waterfall through a covered bridge
I spotted this bridge from the top of the walking circuit. It’s worth the walk down (and back up).

Me, on the covered bridge

The walk back up
The walk back up – to the left of the lake
View of the bridge at the top
View of the bridge at the top. The track is on the left, it’s worth following the offshoot that brings you onto these rocks, for a different view.
View over the lake
View over the lake.

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