Sights of Kingston, Ontario

I am house and dog-sitting for a week, so don’t have a huge amount of travel to talk about. But I have explored Kingston, Ontario, in between visits to the dog park and topping up cat-food bowls. It’s a city known for three things – prisons, military installations and students. All three are plentiful. For mid October, the weather has been very kind, temperatures up to 23 degrees and clear sunshine much of the time, though that is due to change.

Kingston has plenty of waterfront, runners (especially young, student, ones) all over the place. Fort Henry, near where I’m staying, was made the site of the Canadian cross country running championships, which lasts for four years, and I was happy to be able to run on the course as part of the Kingston Road Runners Tuesday session. Compared the the UK’s courses, it is awfully narrow (just a few metres across even at the start), but checking the results, they get up to 200 runners, rather than up to 2000, so I guess it works out.

The city is cute. Plenty of places to eat, drink and shop, museums, an art gallery, a few cinemas. Everything you need to relax. Head a little further out of town, West, to Lemoine Point for trails (about 4.5km round the edge), views over Lake Ontario and garter snakes basking on the path.

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