Dog-sitting in Kingston

Thanks to Trusted Housesitters (.com), I was able to find a place to stay, free of charge, in Kingston, Ontario. There are no parkruns there, but thanks to the generosity of my hosts, I was free to borrow a car and head to Toronto’s outskirts and Ottawa to get my fix. Thanks to their further generosity, I was able to stay there an extra few nights beyond the end of their holiday. I was still taking the dogs for their exercise twice a day, feeding and mucking out the cats, but none of that was unduly exercising. In fact it was fun.

Below is Rosie, a Maltese Terrier. Normally, she’d have a swathe of hair all over, but she got buried into some brambles and was so covered in burrs that they had to shear her. It makes the terrier side more obvious, as it is first thing in the morning when she is all ferocious and that, chewing on whatever she can find.

Yes, it’s cute.

Rosie, a Maltese Terrier
Rosie. First thing, before she’s tired from chasing the big dogs, she gets all ferocious and likes to bite and growl.

To Rosie’s left is Molly, who is much older at 13. As a result she is much slower, occasionally bothered by the attentions of other dogs who want to play. She’s a lovely dog with a good heart, and by the end of my stay her new medication for a slightly dodgy back, which weakens her back legs, was helping enough that she could occasionally break into a jog.

Mollie and Rosie at Gore Road dog park
Mollie and Rosie at Gore Road dog park; quiet in the morning.

The temperature changed over the couple of weeks I was there. From 23 in the first week, to below freezing on a couple of morning visits. On those morning visits we often had the park to ourselves, while in the afternoon we’d be joined by all sorts of dogs. Huskies boss the place, a Dalmation puppy was a great playmate for Rosie and others ran, jumped and played while their owners talked, walked and generally provided a study in human social relations.

Dog-sitting – fabulous.

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