Castle park parkrun, Bishops Stortford

Castle Park parkrun route
Castle Park parkrun route.

Christmas Day, which is a special day for parkrun. Not every run happens, but those that do can now count on a bumper turnout. Every year, but gets more popular to start the day with a free 5k.

Castle Park is right in the centre of Bishops Stortford, so there is plenty of parking nearby (I chose Elm Lane for the memories, having parked there for my trip to Sicily in January 2018, returning to a car with iced-up door handles). The run isn’t the quickest – although flat, it is mostly on fields, and this Christmas morning saw some of the tarmac sections a little slippery. It was a great occasion, just shy of 300 people running round fields, many of them in Santa hats and other festive details, Merry Christmas called out all round the place.

Christmas parkrun comes but once a year. That’s all the more reason to seek one out and make sure to add it to your planning for the day.

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