Kilkenny, Co Kilkenny, Ireland

Jetlag means that although I have been in Kilkenny for over 24 hours, I haven’t done much. I have seen a fair amount of the surrounding countryside, thanks to a couple of hour+ runs, and wandered through the centre a couple of times. But otherwise, I arrived around 3pm yesterday, as school kids made their way home, ran, slept 8 till midnight, was awake 5-7 and planning a run as soon as it got light, then, with a nice synchronicity, slept 8-12. Finally I was up, ran again at 2, South through country lanes, returning as, again, school kids made their way home. Youngsters walked through the streets with their hurling sticks, politely moving out of my way (how unlike England) and older folks asked “how are ye?” Cars, while not quite on the ‘automatic deference to the pedestrian’ level of the US, are politer than in the UK, with one or two even rolling along behind me on quiet roads, till they were sure I was happy for them to pass (by my having stepped off the road – there was room anyway). Even watching England collapse in Barbados (cricket) and Tottenham lose to Chelsea on penalties (football) haven’t taken the edge off.

It’s a joy, even on a damp and occasionally drizzly day.

Some photos, which aren’t brilliant, but give a flavour of the sights, if not the feeling.

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