Certaldo Alto, Tuscany

Via Boccaccio sign
Via Boccaccio.

Certaldo is proud of its claim to be the birthplace of Giovanni Boccaccio (though the wikipedia page, linked to, says the location is uncertain), with a whacking great statue of him in the main town square, and museum up in the old town. The main road in Certaldo Alto is named after him, too.

Statue of Giovanni Boccaccio
Statue of Giovanni Boccaccio.

The old town is reached by one of two cobbled paths, a windy road, or the funicular railway. It isn’t far, but the paths up are pretty steep and, given how it felt after a short shower, possibly a bit slippery when wet.

The path takes you up quickly, so after a little effort you are rewarded by views over Certaldo and the surrounding area. Tuscany is good at views, for sure.

Panoramic view from Certaldo Alto; town below, green hills beyond
Panoramic view from Certaldo Alto.

The town itself is very small – you can walk pretty much every street in half an hour or so. Poking round the museums will take a little longer, and you’ll be there a couple of hours if you stop at every gelato shop. There are more down the hill, so you can gelato your way all around the locale if you are so minded. This is a common feature round here.

The lanes are narrow and pretty, other than the wide Via Boccaccio. To my eye, it looked a little more liveable, less cluttered and squashed in, than some of the other old towns I’ve passed through.

I walked round the town happily for a while, decided the restaurants were a little too busy on this Easter Monday, as were the gelato shops, and so headed down the hill for a pizza (Cavour, in Certaldo new town, is very good). Those views, though.

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