Roma Pineto parkrun, Italy

Roma Pineto parkrun route
Roma Pineto parkrun route. Two laps, clockwise.

A two-lap course, on another (like Caffarella) typical Roman park, in that it is not a manicured park of flowers and fountains, but a half-wild open space with paths. On a rainy day, the trail course was at its best (in that it was muddy) and worst (in that it was slippery).

It rained through the early part of the morning, as I wandered through Rome to the Parco Regionale Urbano del Pineto. It’s a decent walk from Roma Termini (8km or so), but I had time to walk, and time thereby to see a few sights and also get very wet, despite an umbrella. Following directions on my phone got me there just fine, but I was sure that I wouldn’t have to follow the twisty road through the middle of the park – there’ll be a way in to the park, I’ll just take that! There is no way, or not till you get near the North end of the road, and at that point I wasn’t about to risk diving into the park through long wet grass.

If you go, walk North on the path behind Balduina station, or get the train all the way to Gemelli, and avoid that road through the middle. Not only is it twisty, the pavement comes and goes, and the cars go. Never quite dangerous, but I paused once or twice to let cars go by and then move round the overgrowing plants. On a dry day, less of an issue.

Trevor and me, up the hill; muddy underfoot
Trevor and me, up the hill to turn for the second lap.

The run itself is lovely. Lots of the regulars were up in Lucca, as there’s a half marathon there tomorrow, so there were 18 of us, exactly half tourist first-timers. Normally the briefing would be in Italian, but today Salvatore did it in English, with assistance from an English migrant who works as a librarian in the city.

A fellow parkrunner waving, approaching a direction sign
A fellow parkrunner waving, approaching a direction sign.

We were warned it might be a bit slippery on the paths, and the grass might be more secure, and they were right. I ran with another tourist, and we both slipped and slid. In my case, I took the experience of the first lap, forgot it and got into the same or worse positions on the course, the second time around.

It’s lovely, though, and the rain more or less abated as we got ourselves round. The course looks complicated, but with signs and cones all round, there was no chance to get lost. As it’s up on a hill, there are also views of Rome, below, though we were too busy looking at our footing to see them till the end.

Mud on the legs at the finish
Mud on the legs at the finish.

The run to start the second lap, and to the finish, is uphill, which is tough at the end, though it isn’t that big a hill. It certainly isn’t the quickest course, even more so when wet. But the welcome is warm, organisation slick and it gives you an excuse to see a part of Rome less travelled to.

Results from event 58, Roma Pineto parkrun.

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