Mura di Lucca parkrun, Italy

Mura di Lucca parkrun route
Mura di Lucca parkrun route. Anticlockwise, except for the tiny loop at the beginning.

Several people recommended this parkrun to me, both travellers and Italians, so at some point I decided to save it for my last weekend in Italy. It’s certainly a fabulous one (though I don’t pick favourites; they’re all great). A loop all the way round the city walls, looking down at the city, or over surrounding hills (and at other people promenading round the raised route).

Mura di Lucca parkrun finish
Mura di Lucca parkrun finish.

As the finish line photo shows, in places the route is very wide. It is never narrow, but runners will have to weave a little to move round other path users, and watch out for bikes. A large group of walkers came through after many of us had finished, but their presence was no surprise; why wouldn’t you use such a fabulous walkway?

Finish line shaded by trees, other cyclists and walkers passing by
Finish line shaded by trees, other cyclists and walkers passing by.

The route round the walls is under 5km, so the start takes you clockwise to the first monument, turn left to go round that clockwise, then back, now anti-clockwise, past the start and all the way round to finish in the same place.

It’s flat and fast, barely an undulation to slow the pace; just any loss of concentration, which can be easy if you’re used to differing terrain, or hills, to keep you thinking. Two locals raced off into the distance, but another sat on my shoulder for much of the run, which kept me working. This was only his fourth parkrun, 2 here and 2 in Florence, and he took a minute off his best (after a gap of several months), so the competition did us both some good. And I kept him honest, too, sometimes shaping to go right round walkers, then choosing left, which must have made him check where my heels were.

Walltop walkway route
Walltop walkway route.
Covered structure on the route
Covered structure on the route – with a slight upward slope.

This wasn’t an especially warm day, though the sun came out during the run, but the course is lined by trees and would give some good shade cover on a warmer day. The event team were enthusiastic, with several English speakers who came over (more than once) to explain the route and make sure we knew what we were doing, as well as a run briefing in Italian and English.

There were also plenty of tourists; a couple of cyclists from Cambridge, who had caused a minor incident with their husbands by heading off to do a parkrun ahead of 50 miles+ cycling later in the day. A couple of South Africans, one cycling round. A friendly group from Huddersfield, who eyed up my 250 shirt even as I did the same to theirs. And an Englishman who now lives in Australia and had spent a month in Lucca, but was only able to do the parkrun at the last, thanks to a dodgy knee. Plenty of people to talk to and share travel/holiday stories.

Tree-lined wall walk, with greenery and hills away to the right
Tree-lined wall walk, with greenery and hills away to the right.
A view over the side of the wall
A view over the side of the wall. Not one I took in during the run.

I stayed in Pisa, a half-hour train ride away (7:50 gets you in at 8:23, the station is 400m from the start and has free (squat) toilets). Just be warned that the shortened “2to” platform on some displays means “2 ovest”, which platform is next to platform 1. Platform 2, which is where my train was, is a completely different one, with a different train leaving at 7:50.

Pisa also makes for easier travel to Florence for a bus on Sunday morning, which suits me. I still had time to wander round the pretty town of Lucca for a couple of hours, marvelling that I was poking through lanes, finding piazzas and art, all in an area round which I had already run. It brought it home that 4.4km encircles quite a large area.

Staying in Pisa also brought the bonus that I could follow the “Way of the Aqueducts” and walk back, which was a perfect way to fill out the day.

Chiesa di San Michele in Foro, Lucca
Chiesa di San Michele in Foro.

Results of event 38, Mura di Lucca parkrun, 11/5/19.

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