Westpark parkrun, Munich, Germany

Westpark parkrun route
Westpark parkrun route; 2 laps, clockwise. The finish is just past the start.

A bright and sunny but cool May morning, and I jogged through the streets of Munich – wide, separate cycle paths a-plenty and greenery everywhere, not just in the parks. Westpark is also near to several stations if you want to use the excellent public transport.

The course is straightforward enough to find – head for the SE corner of the park and then walk in, West, if you don’t think you’ll get to the right spot by going through the park itself. The course is marked with cones, so those will guide you in the right direction if you’re there once it has been setup.

Sharpish right turn onto a shaded path
Sharpish right turn onto a shaded path. This is the very top of the course, on the map.

This isn’t an old event, with this being event 18. Attendance varies, with 39 the week before, 65 this week, and 103 at the inaugural back in January.

Fountain in Westpark
Fountain in Westpark.

Westpark is lovely, and well-used, but the paths are wide and can accommodate a lot more runners, and plenty of other park users. It is a bit like Dulwich, in the UK, with wide paths making you think about what is the most efficient line through.

Finish line, Westpark parkrun
Finish/Ziel; plenty of volunteers in attendance.

I ran the whole thing with another runner, who was just a little quicker up the hills. They aren’t big, but there are two that are just cruel enough to hurt if you are pushing, and both near the end of the lap. He ended up passing me, so we chatted once we had our breath back. It turned out he had just moved from London as part of the current brain-drain, knew Hertford and often ran there. And he was at this run to bring his mother-in-law, a fellow Ware Jogger. I hadn’t noticed her at the start, but we got to chat at the end. All the way to Germany and I end up running with people from home.

It’s a fairly English affair, but with plenty of locals in the field as well, making it feel German while being totally accessible to an English-speaker.

On a sunny day, the park itself is a glorious thing to stroll around once you’ve finished. Almost any direction is the right way for one of the transport stops, so stroll and be happy.

Results from event 18, Westpark parkrun.

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