Malmö Ribersborg parkrun, Sweden

Malmo Ribersborg parkrun route
Malmo Ribersborg parkrun route.

Each parkrun country can choose a special day on which to hold an extra run, and for Sweden, that’s the National Day, June 6th (for most others, it is Christmas Day). Three (out of eight in total) of the country’s runs were holding the extra, with Malmö the most easily accessible for UK tourists. And many duly arrived. The event record stays intact, with 152 from New Year’s Day 2019 (a day when many could choose to do two parkruns, one in Sweden and one in Denmark), but we had 144, which is well clear of the 79 people at the third-highest attendance.

Malmo group photo
Group photo, tourist upon tourist.

I was there already, having hopped on the ferry from Travemünde (which also stops at Rostock, though it looks harder to get on as a foot passenger from there). Malmö is a pretty city, clean and efficient-seeming. All week there has been much excitement as students graduate, the day-time portion of which involves decorating their car with blue and yellow balloons or flags and riding the streets, honking the horn.

I’m also told there was a shooting in the centre last night, almost camouflaged by noises of revelry.

But it is lovely, and so is the run, a flat one-lapper, a 3km loop West, out and back, then a 2km one East, all with the water off to one side and the bridge to Copenhagen off in the distance. The start is on a narrowish track (3-4 people across) and shaded, but after that you’re mostly fairly exposed to any sun.

It was very hot today, mid to high twenties already by the 9:30 start, rising to 30+ in the afternoon, just as they had the day before (on Sunday, I was wearing a jumper). That and the general humidity made it a tough run, but the socialising before and after with fellow parkrun tourists made it a great day. The cafe afterwards is on a pier out into the water and also very genial. Pick the wrong door out the back and you’re among naked sunbathers – not my error, honest. If you don’t read Swedish, look for the “no photos!” icon.

Results from event 62, Malmö Ribersborg parkrun.

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