Halifax, Nova Scotia

88 year old in suit, bow tie and pork-pie hat
Ex-Englishman who worked in shipping in Canada for many years and retired to Halifax.

I spent 6 days in the busy, pretty city of Halifax. It has a magnificent public library, waterfront walkways with restaurants and bars and pretty parks. A particular highlight are the Halifax Public Gardens. For me, they were a place to wait for a film to start at the nearby cinema. For this gentleman, a place to promenade, take the air and, if you’re lucky, tell stories. He made my day, and we passed half an hour together as he told me jokes, recommended The Cabot Trail, and wandered off with a friend, ribbing him about having to climb the fence to escape the gardens if they left it much longer.

The gardens are beautifully maintained. A place to walk, rather than run, and admire the flowers, stone bridges and birds swooping over the lake.

I spent time on different floors of the library. The other side (from the front entrance) gives great views over the water, away in the distance, once you get high enough.

Halifax Public Library in the blue light of dusk
Halifax Public Library.

I walked the five miles out to the Chain of Lakes parkrun, which takes you past clapperboard houses that suggest the town is prosperous, and then to great views (especially in the sun) over the different lakes.

Rocks on the shore and in the water, looking over a lake
View over the water.
Concrete building with ivy surrounded large 1818-2017 sign
Students were coming back to Dalhousie University as I walked through town. The University was established in 1818, among the oldest in Canada.
Old frigate, now a museum; painted white and turquoise
Old frigate, now a museum.

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