Letterkenny parkrun

Letterkenny parkrun route
Letterkenny parkrun route. Start at the vestry (just South of the red cross), head anticlockwise round the hospital, down to the right and round the park. 3 times, plus a bit more to finish a little higher.

I drove through Letterkenny earlier in the week and was impressed to see not just a sign advertising the parkrun, but one that included the fact that this weekend was their 200th event. Reason enough for me to join in.

I parked next to the hospital and paid – via the website listed on the sign – a very reasonable €3 for 4 hours. I could have parked for free till 11 in front of the vestry had I not ignored the cars starting to arrive there. Never mind, supporting the local economy is a good side-benefit to the events.

Group of runners, walkers and volunteers outside the cafe
Volunteers outside the facilities.

I’d offered to tailwalk, so had an excuse to meet the volunteers beforehand. You’re pretty much guaranteed a good welcome anyway, in Ireland, but I certainly got one here.

A family or two had brought their instruments, and set up just to the left of the start line to play us through, and then headed for the meeting room, upstairs in the building behind the start line, to entertain people afterwards, too. There was a short prize giving – best tourist, best volunteer, that kind of thing – and then we were off.

Many colours of running gear on people gathered at the start line
Gathered at the start line.

The course is just over three laps, giving you a good chance to see round the edges of the hospital and then compare it with the completely-different settings of the smallish loop round the pretty town park. The event is super inclusive though I agreed with my walking partner that it could use more walkers.

It’s all on good surfaces, but isn’t the quickest, with a climb up past the left of the hospital, narrowish passage down to the park, and a few turns to get right. It has everything, though. Easy parking if you need it, close to town if you are based there. Toilets and refreshments right next to the start, and friendly people all over.

Post event cake and food
Post event cake and food.

Results from event 200, 7th December 2019.

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